Hi, I am


An Information & Product Designer

With a passion for immersive research and a
deep appreciation for the people and culture

that surround me, I love creating designs that
bring stories to life.

About me 

I love stories. My childhood was shaped by my parents' book-filled almirah, igniting my lifelong passion for stories. I delved deep into novels, dissecting characters and exploring their psyches. This curiosity extended to real life, where I empathize with people, cultures, and societies, driven by a thirst for understanding and change. Research helps me find out hidden yet interesting details about how systems work and gather insights on where and how one can implement changes for the better.

I love literature and poetry. It helps me connect with the universal language of emotions that each one of us have in common. Words can bring out revolutions, and I trust in the collective capabilities of individuals co existing and co creating.

I love art. It helps me liberate myself and share pieces of thoughts, feelings and tales with the outside world.


I would love to work at the immersion of research, storytelling and creating efficient experiences and products.


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